View Full Version : Phantom comics: Diana's image through the years

11-03-2006, 01:41 AM
As a Phantom comics fan for over 40 years, I was fascinated by the changes in the way in which characters were portrayed over the years by successive artists and reflected as such in the story. This is perhaps most obvious with the way Diana is shown. I refer to Lee Falk's stories only.

During the Ray Moore years of 1930s & 40s, Diana (and other women) are shown to be rather worldly and sassy in their manner. By the time Wilson McCoy took over in the late 40s, the comics code had changed and Diana got that somewhat annoying 'little girl lost' look and in most stories she was little more than window dressing. But in the era of Syd Barry, she acquired the modern mature woman look, more sure of herself and confident.

Which Diana do you like?