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10-23-2006, 06:50 AM
Below are the answers to the GA Trivia Quiz #1. I have caluclated the totals of those who played. Please feel free to check my math.

1. List these characters in order of first appearance beginning with the earliest. Dates will be based on the cover date of the comic the character first appeared. It must be a complete story – ads do not count.

Batman – Detective Comics #27 – May 1939
Flame - Wonderworld Comics #3 – July 1939
Human Torch – Marvel Comics #1 – November 1939
Shield – Pep Comics #1 – January 1940
Captain Marvel – Whiz Comics #2 – February 1940
Green Lantern – All-American Comics #16 – July 1940
Captain America – Captain America Comics #1 – March 1941

2. The cover of Captain Marvel Adventures #21 has our good captain shooting Hitler with some kind of ray. What kind of ray is it?

c) Honesty Ray

3. The cover of Daring Mystery Comics #8 shows 6 heroes. Name them.

Captain Daring, Fin, Thunderer, Citizen V, Blue Diamond, Silver Scorpion

4. Alter Egos. Match the following characters with their alter egos.

Character Alter Ego
1) Red Bee – Rick Raleigh
2) Destroyer –Keen Marlow
3) Black Condor – Richard Grey Jr.
4) Plastic Man – Patrick “Eel” O’Brian
5) Doll Man – Darrel Dane

5. Uncle Sam chummed around with a young lad. He was the son of Ezra Smith. What was the boy’s first name?

c) Buddy

6. Name the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

Crimson Avenger, Shining Knight, Star-Spangled Kid, Stripesy, Green Arrow, Speedy, Vigilante

7. What was Phantom Lady’s secret weapon called – and no, it’s not a body part.

Black Lantern but it seems to me that it was also referred to as the black light ray or blackout light so anything close to this receives credit

8. Who is the cover feature on Hit Comics #1? Who drew the cover?

Red Bee drawn by Lou Fine

9. First Appearance. What title (you don’t need the issue number unless you know it) did the following characters first appear?

a) Doll Man – Feature Comics #27
b) Doc Strange – Thrilling Comics #1
c) Doctor Fate – More Fun Comics #55
d) Sargon the Sorcerer – All-American Comics #26
e) Fighting Yank – Startling Comics #10 (there was a Timely Fighting Yank which I had neglected who started in Captain America Comics)
f) Grim Reaper – Fighting Yank #7
g) Black Terror – Exciting Comics #9
h) Plastic Man – Police Comics #1
i) Black Condor – Crack Comics #1
j) Angel – Marvel Comics #1 (some answered Marvel Mystery which was acceptable)

10. Which of the following characters was never cover (at least in vignette) featured on National Comics?

c) Kid Eternity

And the points (out of a possible 4,100):

Reptisaurus! - 1900 points
Jonathan - 1,300 points
MWGallaher - 2,300 points
Loki - 4,100
prince hal - 2,100 points
Cei-U! - 2,600 points
benday-dot - 1,300 points
T-Guy - 2,400 points

Thanks for playing. Hope everyone had fun. I will be posting GA Trivia #2 today!