When starting a thread, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Please look at the TV/Film forum first. Is what you're about to say covered in another thread? Post it there if so. Otherwise, it's going to end up merged into the other thread, closed, or deleted. Your own opinion about something is not, in and of itself, necessarily worthy of its own thread. We have many discussions and some might already exist that cover the topic you wish to speak about. Please search the forum.

Put some thought into it.
Do not just give a topic and then say "Discuss" or "Why". Also, do not provide only a link to somewhere else or copy/paste an entire article from elsewhere and nothing else as the whole post. If you want to talk about something, talk about it. Put some effort into it and make it a springboard for future conversation.

No stake claiming. Starting up a thread just because you know people will eventually talk about the topic is stake claiming, whether you're eager to see people talking about it or want the first post or credit for having started what you think will soon be a busy or popular thread. Do not do this, please.

Do not use the words Official, Discussion, or Thread in your thread titles. Posters do not make threads official, it's obvious we're all here to discuss things, and we all know what threads are.

Do not plagiarize. If you want to quote from another site or a news article or whatever else, put a small quote in there and then a link back to the original source if need be. Do not outright lift words from somewhere else and claim them as your own to fill out your entire posts. It makes you look like a lazy jerk. Plus, it's a quick way to get a warning and possible ban.

The next ones are general notes to all posters.

No personal attacks. If you don't like what someone says, argue against what's said and not against the person. No ad hominem attacks will be tolerated.

No links to download sites for movies or television unless they are in the public domain. Previews, trailers, and clips are fine.

Do not abuse the video function: there is a reason for the one video per post limitation and that is too many videos would slow down the load time for the thread.

Do not try to try and circumvent the video limitation by posting multiple times, if you have more than one video post links to them instead.

Also, as above, do not embed illegal videos of movies or TV shows.

Thank you for your cooperation and have fun.